How Much Can I Save Biking to Work?
Tool | April 2019

How Much Can I Save Biking to Work?

Sure, commuting by bicycle is good for your heart and the environment. But it’s also good for your wallet.

Driving to work? Enter the length of your daily commute, plus any costs for parking or tolls, in the fields below. Click Submit to calculate the savings you’ll achieve by switching from four wheels to two.

Bike to Work Calculator

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Our Methodology

The per-mile cost of driving to work is 58 cents, including gasoline, insurance, maintenance and depreciation, according to the IRS’ 2019 standard mileage rates. Actual values may vary by vehicle. Plus, your biking route might be shorter (or longer) than your driving route.

Our estimate of the per-mile cost of biking is 10 cents and includes maintenance and depreciation, based on interviews with U.S. cycling organizations and previously published research, including from Road Kill: How Solo Driving Runs Down the Economy.

Monthly parking fees are broken down to a per-day average on the basis of 19.3 workdays per month, a figure derived from Bureau of Labor Statistics guidelines.

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