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The Kiplinger Dividend 15: Our Favorite Dividend-Paying Stocks

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The Kiplinger Dividend 15, the list of our favorite dividend-paying stocks, doled out plenty of payout love in its first year, with an average yield of 3.7%.

To make it into our lineup, dividend stocks had to first beat the 2% average yield of the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index. We then looked for firms that are leaders in their industry and that have solid prospects for expanding their sales and profits, while also generating enough cash to pay investors. And we aim to avoid dividend traps — stocks with high yields but weak underlying businesses and poor prospects.

We’ve recently made a change to the list, pulling CVS Health (CVS). Although the stock has performed well, it broke its streak of dividend increases, which was one reason we recommended it. We’ll introduce its replacement in a minute.


Here is a look at the updated Kiplinger Dividend 15, including any new information that may be important. We divide the list into three groups, for their dividend stability, briskly growing payouts or high yields. Find a dividend stock that suits your needs, or select a mix.

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Annual dividend is based on the most recent quarterly dividend. Five-year dividend growth rate is annualized. Sources: Company websites, Morningstar, S&P Dow Jones Indices, Yahoo Finance. Prices and other data as of Feb. 15, 2019, unless otherwise noted.


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