Can You Answer Jeopardy!'s Trickiest Investing Questions?

Can You Answer Jeopardy!’s Trickiest Investing Questions?

Every prospective Jeopardy! contestant hopes for swiftness on the buzzer, a chance to charm Alex Trebek and to compete against anyone except James Holzhauer. But a favorable board tops the list of most players’ desires, with everyone hoping for the same elusive category: “Things Only I Know.”

In the run-up to my March 25, 2019, appearance on the show, I knew “Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Linemen of the 2000s” was probably too much to expect. My next best hope was a slate of investing-related questions – ones that after five years of writing for Kiplinger’s, I expected to knock out of the park. Alas, I didn’t get my wheelhouse categories, but even an investing question wouldn’t have necessarily been a gimme for this trivia fanatic. With the help of the J! Archive, I’ve found 10 tricky former investing-related Jeopardy! clues. We’ll even help you answer in the form of a question.

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