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Ed Maixner

The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter

Maixner was a student of news writing, agriculture and public policy before starting as editor of The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter in 2003. Raised on a ranch in western North Dakota, he kept a foot in the family farm and the farm news beat through 20 years with North Dakota newspapers – interrupted to study economics and finance while finishing an MA degree in journalism as a Kiplinger fellow at Ohio State University. Ed worked on legislation in agriculture, natural resources and international trade as an aide in the U.S. House and Senate, then ran a Washington, D.C., agricultural news bureau before joining Kiplinger. He was president of the North American Agricultural Journalists in 2011-12.

Latest Features

Economic Forecasts
August 2013

Bringing Back the Bees

Gardeners and others are joining a broad new effort to replenish the nation’s hard-hit bee population.

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Practical Economics
July 2013

A Bigger Kingdom for King Corn

As you munch your summer corn, farmers are growing more of it — way more of it — and investors are cashing in.

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February 2013

Foods Raising Your Grocery Bill in 2013

You'll pay more at the supermarket this year, thanks to drought-depleted food supplies and a greater reliance on pricier food imports. Look for food prices overall to go up as much as 4% in 2013, about ...

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July 2012

8 Ways the Drought Will Affect You - Slide Show

This year's drought, which is toasting more than half of the U.S., is the nation’s worst since the 1950s. Its impact will ripple through the economy, touching lives in a myriad of different ways -- from ...

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June 2012

Rising Cost of Your Summer Cookout - Slide Show

Ah, the temperature is high and the living is easy. Nothing like having a few friends over, grilling some meat and mingling over a few cold beers or glasses of wine. What's not to like? How about ...

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May 2012

10 Insect Superheroes - Slide Show

You might have heard the buzz: Our payback for the warm winter and early spring will be larger-than-usual hordes of mosquitoes, midges, aphids, termites and other bad actors this summer. The silver ...

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July 2011

10 Bad Bugs that Bug Us Most - Slide Show

Bugs surround us. Of the 1 million or so that entomologists have identified so far, many are our friends, such as the bees that fertilize apple, cherry, avocado and many other crops, enabling them to bear ...

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March 2011

November 2010

Consumers Face Higher Food Prices

Rising farm costs prompt a price upswing in the grocery aisles

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Washington Matters
August 2010

Egg Recall Will Spur Congress to Act

There's nothing like truckloads of germy eggs to grab lawmakers' attention.

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May 2010

Push for Healthier Diets Means
Big Industry Change

Americans haven’t responded well to urgings, so governments, doctors and employers are getting tough.

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December 2009

A Renewed Global Focus
On Helping the Hungry

Rebounding global ag commodity prices add a sense of urgency to fighting hunger.

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October 2009

Lower Food Prices Hit Farmers, Help Grocers

Next year will tell a similar tale, though look for grocery store prices to edge up by year-end.

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Washington Matters
September 2009

Washington Matters
June 2009

Washington Matters
February 2009

Washington Matters
May 2008

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