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Phil Wright, Certified Fund Specialist

, Jackson National Life


Phil Wright is Vice President of Marketing Communications at Jackson National Life Distributors LLC (JNLD). He started with the company in 1994 and is responsible for evaluating, planning and developing new business initiatives and creating marketing and editorial content. Wright is an award-winning financial writer, a Registered Principal and Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®).

An Ohio native, he earned his bachelor's degree in English and Communications from The Ohio State University. After living in Denver, Colorado, for the past 17 years, Wright recently relocated to Franklin, Tennessee.

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April 2020

Believing Is Seeing: How to Avoid Retirement Myopia

During a visit to my optometrist’s office, I started thinking about all the lenses we look through in life. As I squinted into the vision-testing device during my exam, the doctor repeatedly asked which ...

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Building Wealth
November 2019

The 401(k) Mistake I Wish I Hadn’t Made Years Ago

Dear Me: A letter to myself reconciling past financial missteps and mapping out positive steps for a secure and happy future. Don't worry, we can fix this.

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Building Wealth
September 2019

My Father Knows Best: How to Retire with Purpose and Passion

At the age of 88, he's the portrait of resilience, success and happiness 26 years after leaving the workforce.

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