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Pam Krueger

Founder, Wealthramp

Phone: 415.378.8240

Pam Krueger is the creator of the award-winning MoneyTrack investor-education television series seen nationally on over 250 PBS stations. She is the recipient of two Gracie Awards for educating the public about personal investing, and finding the right financial advice. Watch for Pam's newest one-hour special, MoneyTrack: Money for Life, rolling out on PBS stations right now.

Pam just launched, an online solution to help consumers find qualified fee-only financial advisers who adhere to the highest fiduciary standard, and who are not commission-driven salespeople. Wealthramp uses an eHarmony-style algorithm to match individual investors to the best-fit advisers, and is available to consumers at no cost.

Pam serves on the board of directors of the California Jump$tart Coalition, an organization dedicated to increasing financial literacy among children and teens. She received the Financial Educator of the Year Award from the Financial Literacy Institute.

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