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Joelle Spear, CFP®

Financial Adviser, Partner, Canby Financial Advisors

Phone: 617.721.7177

Joelle Spear joined Canby Financial Advisors in 2014 and became a Partner in 2020. She likens every client's financial situation to a jigsaw puzzle and her role is to help them understand how the pieces fit together. To make financial planning more comprehensible — and sometimes even fun — she uses pictures to explain "the meaning behind the math." This helps to give clients a better picture of where they are today and what the future may look like.

She has an MBA with a finance concentration from Bentley University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Securities and advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network®, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Financial planning services offered by Canby Financial Advisors are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.

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March 2020

The Perplexing Tax You May Never Have to Pay

You’ve done well in life, and now you want to share some of your wealth with the people you know and love. Perhaps you want to help your children make a down payment on a home. Or contribute to your ...

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January 2020

So You Want to be a Household Employer

After years of putting it off, my husband and I finally decided to hire a nanny to take care of our children after school. We could have taken the easy way out by using an outside service, but we really ...

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Building Wealth
August 2019

A Financial Adviser Shops for Her Own Disability Insurance

Follow along to learn about the decision-making process for how much and what kind of coverage you might need for yourself.

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Building Wealth
April 2019

Selling Your Stuff: The Tax Dimension

Thinking about clearing out your collectibles or selling off the antique furniture Grandma left you? Be careful, because the IRS may want a cut of your windfall.

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Building Wealth
March 2019

Choosing a Financial Adviser: The Fiduciary Dimension

Do you know what a fiduciary is? Is the financial professional you're working with a fiduciary? Here's how to find out, and why it's important to know.

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Building Wealth
March 2019

Thwarting the Robocaller Invasion

Consumers have an array of weapons at their disposal in the fight to help keep those infuriating interruptions at bay.

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