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Michael Stein

Assistant Vice President, Allsup


Mike Stein, assistant vice president of operations strategy and planning, has 25 years experience helping people with disabilities through his work with the company. He oversees the claims operations for both Social Security Disability Insurance representation and the Veterans Disability Appeal Service for veterans. During this time, he has become an authority on the SSDI application process, as well as Social Security Administration (SSA) programs and initiatives.

He joined the company in 1992 and has served in a variety of roles related to SSDI, veterans disability appeal and Medicare services, always focusing on process improvement and quality service for customers. Mike is a recognized authority on the sequential evaluation of SSDI claims and the experience for claimants at all levels of the SSDI application and denial process (levels 1 to 4).

Mike is responsible for ensuring that the company provides high-quality, efficient service to individuals, clients and government offices.

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