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Sean McDonnell, CFP®

Financial Adviser, Advance Capital Management

Phone: 800.345.4783

Sean McDonnell builds strong relationships with families and individuals in order to better help them meet their financial needs. As a financial adviser, he works closely with his clients to create and implement customized financial plans. He provides a wide range of services, including investment and 401(k) management, retirement planning and tax strategies.

He holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

Before joining Advance Capital, Sean worked as a successful small-business entrepreneur for more than a decade. He earned a BA in Communications from Michigan State University.

Latest Features

December 2019

The 9 Types of People You'll Meet in Retirement

Everyone’s experience in retirement is unique. But there are some characterizations we can draw from data collected in various surveys and studies of retirees. Put together they form the nine types ...

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Building Wealth
August 2019

On the Cusp of a Market Downturn? What to Do (and Not Do) When Retiring

Anyone nearing retirement needs to invest like they drive: Defensively. Here's how to do that.

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Building Wealth
October 2018

How to Live Frugally Without Skipping Starbucks

Everyone's heard of how you can save a ton of money over time by cutting out splurges like fancy coffee drinks. But there's a much more lucrative target you should consider instead: Your phone.

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Building Wealth
September 2018

Is There a Right Way to Make a Roth Conversion?

Converting some of your traditional IRA funds into a Roth can be a great strategy as you approach retirement. But be careful about how you incorporate such a move into your retirement withdrawal plan.

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Building Wealth
June 2018

The Biggest Social Security Mistake You Can Make

The decision to retire early at age 62 vs. age 65, 66 or even waiting until age 70 isn't a straightforward math equation. And it can't be made in a vacuum.

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May 2018

10 Questions to Fire at Financial Advisers

Whenever I meet with prospective clients, they bring a list of questions to ask me. Few people, though, lob as many queries as they truly should. The problem is that many people don’t quite know what ...

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Building Wealth
April 2018

Here's What a Financial Adviser Would Ask When Hiring an Adviser – and What You Should, Too!

To see if a prospective financial professional could be a good fit for you, take my 10-question list to your appointment.

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Building Wealth
February 2018

How to Spot a Scam: Here are 3 I Dodged

Financial scams often come with some easy-to-spot red flags, but some are trickier. So, before you click on that fun online quiz to see what movie character you're most like, consider what information you're giving away.

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Building Wealth
January 2018

Why the 4% Withdrawal Rule Is Wrong

If you think it’s because retirees should withdraw less than 4% to make their nest eggs last, that's not quite it. In fact, maybe they could withdraw more than 4%, at least at first.

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