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Michael Ladin, Investment Adviser Respresentative

Founder, CEO, Ladin Tax & Financial Group

Phone: 305.444.4898

Michael Ladin is founder and CEO of Ladin Tax & Financial Group, a firm that focuses on assisting Florida business owners, Baby Boomers and retirees with sound retirement income strategies that work in a tax-efficient way. Michael is an insurance professional and Investment Adviser Representative of Ladin Financial Group, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. He is experienced in income planning, active money management, tax-efficient solutions, working with annuities, estate planning strategies and life Insurance. Michael is a contributor to the Amazon best-selling book The Ultimate Success Guide and regularly hosts Retirement Radio's Strategies for Financial Success Saturdays on NewsTalk 610 WIOD. Michael was born and raised in Miami.

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September 2019

Didn't Anyone Tell You Investing Rules Change in Retirement?

Market volatility isn't something those near retirement can afford to just ignore. They need to have a multifaceted plan to ramp back their risk and protect themselves.

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Building Wealth
January 2019

Transitioning to Retirement Is Like Moving to a New World – Bring a Map

To truly be ready to retire, you need to fully explore the unfamiliar territory ahead. Your retirement future can be broken down into five distinct "worlds," each with its own danger zones that you need to navigate.

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September 2017

Planning Your Transition Toward Retirement

As you close in on the big day, it's time to consider how you'll create income while dialing down stock market risk.

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