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Eileen Ambrose

Senior Editor
Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Ambrose joined Kiplinger in June 2017 from AARP, where she was a writer and senior money editor for more than three years. Before that, she was a personal finance columnist and reporter at The Baltimore Sun, and a reporter and assistant business editor at The Indianapolis Star. Ambrose has a master's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and a bachelor's degree in art history from Indiana University.

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Ask Kip
August 2019

Why Stocks Are Best Held in a Roth IRA

Holding stocks in a Roth IRA makes the most of this tax-free account's features.

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Making Your Money Last
August 2019

Live Well Without Running Out of Money in Retirement

These money-generating tactics will help retirement savers enjoy their Golden Years without stressing over cash.

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Rethinking Retirement
August 2019

Claim Social Security at the Right Time

Retirees are forfeiting an average of $111,000 per household by filing for benefits early.

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August 2019

A Break on Inherited IRAs Could Disappear

Congress takes aim at the so-called stretch IRA.

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Saving for Retirement
July 2019

When to Fire Your Adviser

Here are six signs that the relationship with your financial professional is not working.

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Best Cities, States & Places
July 2019

Savannah, Ga.: A Smart Place to Retire

This city’s well-known historical district offers plenty of fascinating museums and local traditions.

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Family Finances
June 2019

Smart Ways to Give (or Lend) Money to Family

Keep good records, and don’t hand over money you can’t afford to lose.

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May 2019

How Much Can You Contribute to a 401(k) for 2019?

The 401(k) contribution limit increased by $500 to $19,000 for 2019. Workers 50 and older can save an extra $6,000 for retirement.

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Ask Kip
May 2019

How to Avoid Required Distributions from a Roth 401(k)

Rolling a Roth 401(k) into a Roth IRA can eliminate required distributions for investors who want their money to continue to grow tax-free.

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Making Your Money Last
May 2019

What to Do If You Have to Retire Early

Life throws you a curveball, and you end up leaving the workforce earlier than planned. Here’s what to do next.

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May 2019

Retiring to Become a Caregiver

Know your options and resources to help you in your new role.

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April 2019

How to Make a Million (or More!)

Four success stories — and guidance on how you, too, could reach this milestone.

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Financial Planning
March 2019

Managing a Financial Hardship: Real Life Stories

If you get laid off or are hit with a major household expense, do you have enough saved to help cover expenses? Here’s how three people were able to cope.

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Economic Forecasts
March 2019

Expect Aftershocks From the Government Shutdown

The next concern: Economists worry that lawmakers will fail to reach a debt-ceiling deal.

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January 2019

Annuities Pitched With a Free Dinner? Be Wary

When a financial adviser invites you to a free meal, complicated, high-cost flavors of annuities are often on the menu.

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Saving for Retirement
January 2019

Countdown to Retirement

For a smooth ride to retirement, take these financial steps when you have 10 years, five years and one year to go.

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Saving Money
January 2019

Countdown to Retirement: 10 Years Away

For a smooth ride to retirement, take these financial steps when you have 10 years to go.

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