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Matthew C. Peck, CFP®, Certified Investment Management Analyst

Co-Founder, SHP Financial

Phone: 866-746-2401

Matthew C. Peck has his Certified Financial Planner and Certified Investment Management Analyst certifications and is the co-founder of SHP Financial. He is insurance licensed and has passed the Series 65 exam. Peck is the author of Mind the Gap: The Cracks in the American Retirement System and is the co-host of the Retirement Road Map radio show. He earned dual bachelors degrees in history and English at the University of Connecticut in 2001, and he earned Boston University's Certificate of Financial Planning in 2015.

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April 2020

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Smart use of technology can free up your adviser to do more for you. From enhanced communication to personalized updates and coaching, be sure to get what you're paying for.

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October 2019

Use the Right Tools to Build a Portfolio Made to Withstand Modern Worries

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August 2018

Taxes Are on Sale: Here’s How to Take Advantage

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March 2017

Hold On Tight to Get Through the Bond Market’s Bumpy Ride

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