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Kevin Peacock, CFP®, CAIA®

Managing Member, Astra Capital Management

Phone: 800.805.8740

Kevin Peacock is the managing member of Astra Capital Management, a fee-only investment advisory firm based in New York City. Astra Capital Management utilizes an evidenced-based approach to investment management and financial planning customized for each client's unique wealth objectives. Kevin is a CFP® professional and holds the CAIA® designation. His educational background includes a master's degree in Financial Engineering and an MBA with a finance concentration.

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May 2017

Like IRAs, HSAs Can be Valuable Retirement Savings Vehicles

If you like traditional and Roth IRAs, then you might love the long-term growth potential of health savings accounts. They provide very similar benefits.

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March 2017

A Quick Primer on Tax-Loss Harvesting

Smart investors know that sometimes losers can be winners. Here’s how tax-loss harvesting could save you money.

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Building Wealth
December 2016

A Do-It-Yourself Replacement for Indexed Annuities

Consider building a portfolio of CDs and index funds to protect your principal and potentially boost returns.

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August 2016

A Powerful Secret to Increase the Value of Your Roth Conversion

If your recently converted Roth loses value, you can undo the conversion to save money on taxes.

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