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Ari Fischman, CFP®

Principal, Fischman Insurance Group

Office: 248.357.8903 | Mobile: 347.683.6598

Ari Fischman is a Certified Financial Planner who has provided insurance, estate planning and financial solutions for affluent consumers. He is a Financial Adviser with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser, and through Eagle Strategies, he has access to some institutional third-party wealth management firms that manage client assets. Fischman Insurance Group is not owned or operated by Eagle Strategies LLC.

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Building Wealth
November 2017

Hurricanes Shed Light on Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Did you know that standard homeowner policies don’t cover flooding from heavy rains? And that people who don’t live in flood zones file water-damage claims about as often as those who do? It's time to check your coverage.

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Building Wealth
March 2017

Beware of These Often-Overlooked Insurance Gaps

Surprise: There’s a chance your most precious possessions may not be covered.

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Building Wealth
June 2016

You Need an Insurance Audit

Many people overpay for inadequate coverage. To find out if you're among them, don't ask Flo; ask a financial planner.

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