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Robert K. Otterbourg

Contributing Writer
Kiplinger's Retirement Report

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March 2010

Share Your Skills on a Nonprofit Board

Use your skills from the corporate world to help a nonprofit fulfill its mission.

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August 2009

Turn Your Pastime Into Paid Work

Love to read or garden? Indulge your passion by picking up a job in the field of your dreams.

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May 2009

Retirees Try Teaching as a Second Career

For some seniors, becoming the head of the classroom fulfills a lifelong dream.

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January 2009

Land on Your Feet After a Downsizing

Experience counts if you're looking for a job in the same line of work.

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October 2008

Recycle Your Business Know-How

Retired doctors, lawyers, executives and other professionals are finding new uses for their expertise by becoming volunteers.

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Leisure Spending
September 2008

Yes, Retirees, You Can Go Home Again

Yearning to return to where you grew up? The perfect retirement spot may be your hometown.

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Small Business
May 2008

Opening a Franchise Gives You a Head Start

Worried about starting a new business? A franchise is less risky than creating a company from scratch.

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February 2008

Ex-Execs Find a New Mission

Retired executives put their skills and expertise to good use by helping nonprofit groups.

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Leisure Spending
December 2007

A Summer Home May Not Be Ideal in Winter

Moving to your vacation home year round may seem like a great idea, until winter comes.

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