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Marc A. Wojno

Contributing Writer
Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Wojno was formerly research director for data-intensive projects such as Kiplinger's college and mutual fund rankings. He has worked as a newswire reporter and newsletter editor for Dow Jones, covering convertible bonds, REITs and mutual funds. He also served as market research manager for Keane Federal Systems, an IT consultancy. He received a BA in communications and computer science as well as a MBA from George Washington University.

Latest Features

April 2020

10 Things You Must Know About Filing for Unemployment Benefits

Another 5.2 million workers filed for their first week of unemployment benefits in the week ending April 11, bringing the total who have sought compensation as COVID-19 pandemic devastates the economy ...

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Best Cities, States & Places
July 2019

Hanover, N.H.: A Smart Place to Retire

Retirees can get a taste of college life again in this town, home to Dartmouth College, through leadership positions and fitness classes.

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Best Cities, States & Places
July 2019

Fayetteville, Ark.: A Smart Place to Retire

Affordable living and proximity to family make this Ozark city a great place to settle down.

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June 2019

What's Your Ticker Symbol IQ?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has cracked down on exchange-traded funds that use blockchain, 5G or other trendy buzzwords in their names without investing a significant percentage of their...

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Saving for Retirement
July 2018

Columbia, S.C.: A Great Place to Retire for Your Health

South Carolina’s capital attracts people who love art, culture and college sports, and the state is a tax-friendly place for retirees.

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December 2017

Great Colleges That Won't Make Students Take Loans, 2018

The schools on our list of best college values have earned high grades for generous financial aid awards, which reduce the amount students must borrow to pay the bills. But some schools go even further, ...

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Kip Tips
November 2017

6 Ways to Get Holiday Deals

Whether you do your shopping in stores or online, use our tips to save money this gift-giving season.

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Stocks & Bonds
August 2017

How Stocks React to Global Crises

History shows that after an initial dip, share prices tend to bounce back smartly.

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Best Cities, States & Places
July 2016

Omaha, Neb.: A Great Midsize City for Retiring in Good Health

A burgeoning social scene helps make this affordable small town attractive to seniors.

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Investor Psychology
March 2008

Kiplinger Q&A: Pat Harrington Jr.

Pat Harrington Jr. (a.k.a. Schneider from the '70s hit sitcom One Day at a Time and veteran Kiplinger's subscriber) shares valuable lessons about personal finance.

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June 2016

Great Colleges Where Alumni Earn the Most Money

As the cost of college continues its upward trajectory, the question for many high school students and their cost-conscious parents is not only where to get the best college education but also which schools’ ...

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August 2015

13 Things College Students Don't Need

As the cost of college continues to rise, reconsider some of these expendable expenses.


December 2013

December 2013

Best Public Colleges for Out-of-State Students

Facing out-of-state tuition at a public college can be daunting. The average annual sticker price for nonresidents at public colleges is $31,701, up from $30,704 last year, according to the College Board. Still, ...

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November 2013

Best Values in Private Colleges Under $20K, 2014

When it comes to college costs, the price tag often has little resemblance to what students actually pay. The net price -- the annual cost in tuition, fees, room, board and books after need and merit-based ...

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October 2013

Best Values in Private Universities, 2014

These top ten universities represent not only some of the most renowned institutions in the world but also our definition of value, thanks to their high-quality academics and generous financial aid. All ...

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January 2013

10 Best Values in Public Colleges for Out-of-State Students, 2013

Public colleges continue to face challenges despite the improving economy. With cuts in state appropriations, colleges have increased class sizes, curtailed programs and asked out-of-staters to pay a bigger ...

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