How Does Your Spending Compare?

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How Does Your Spending Compare?

You can find out if you're paying more for food, gas, home maintenance and more at this new Web site.

For those of you curious about how your spending and saving compare with others like you (aren't we all a little curious?), there's a Web site that will show you:

Click on "Everybody's Money," then select an age group, household status, income bracket and location. You'll see the average spent on shopping, getting around, food and drink, health and family, and house and home. To get more detailed information about any of the categories, click on "Go deep."

The new venture, backed by Microsoft, Morningstar and Citigroup, combines data-mining with social networking. So you also can learn about the spending habits of other Bundle users and get money-saving tips. And you can post your comments (you'll be prompted to log in through Facebook to do so).

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While you're at the site, check out the 2010 Bundle Report: How America Spends for nationwide statistics on household spending. You might be surprised to discover that Austin, Tex., was the top-spending city -- 77% higher than the national average of $37,782.