A New Type of Gift Registry

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A New Type of Gift Registry

Card Avenue lets brides-to-be, expectant mothers and others register online for gift cards from stores of your choosing.

Listen up, all you soon-to-be brides, grooms, graduates and parents. There's an appealing new type of gift registry: Card Avenue.

Developed by Luke Knowles, the creator of Gift Card Granny, FreeShipping.org and other consumer sites, Card Avenue lets you register for gift cards from a variety of merchants. You can choose from 20 registry types, from wedding to birthday to bar mitzvah.

It's ideal for people who aren't sure what they want, or for those who want big-ticket items -- such as an expectant mom who's more interested in receiving a crib than a bunch of onesies and diapers. She can register for a $500 gift card from Pottery Barn Kids. Friends and family can buy gift cards in the amount of their choosing and the registry will update automatically to show the dollar amount still needed to reach the $500 goal.

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The site gives you the option to purchase gift cards directly from merchants or shop for discounted gift cards from resellers, which is a great way for gift givers to spend less to give more.

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