Smart Spending Advice From Around the Web

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Smart Spending Advice From Around the Web

Tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers about keeping spending under control and making wise buying choices.

A post on caught my attention because it's about a trend I've witnessed in my community that's left me puzzled. Jennifer Derrick writes in You Didn't Have to Buy That to Have Fun that several of her neighbors have recently bought golf carts just to cruise around the neighborhood. One of her neighbors commented that he actually took out a loan to buy his golf cart.

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I've seen people riding around in golf carts in the city where I live, and I just don't get it. One mom even picked her child up from school in a golf cart. Since when did golf carts become such a popular mode of transportation? Why spend money on one if you already have a car and don't even play golf? As Derrick writes, "This is where people go wrong. They see one person doing something and decide that they have to do it, too." That's where some people get in trouble financially. I would love to hear your thoughts on buying into the latest fads or trying to keep up with the Joneses in the comment box below. And for more commentary on spending, here's what some of our favorite personal finance bloggers are saying:

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Are Your Friends Keeping You Poor? [Five Cent Nickel]
"No one knows about my money more than I do. So it is my responsibility to say no when I should. How can we accomplish that without feeling left out or overcoming the desire to fit in?"

Why Window Shopping Will Actually Make You Happier [PT Money]
"You get to feel the little mood boosts every time you think about an expensive purchase, which will help keep your overall happiness level higher, whereas making the purchase will give you only one intense boost that will fade."


Do You Save & Spend Like the Rest of Your Generation? [MoneyNing]
"The economic conditions in which you’ve grown up have undoubtedly influenced your financial habits and attitude toward money, whether you realize it or not."

It Is Seldom True That You Get What You Pay For [Frugal Confessions]
"Over the last several years I have seen this phrase being irresponsibly thrown around in two different ways: as justification for spending more on a particular purchase despite not having the funds to do so, and as an “I-told-you-so” spit of wisdom when someone else likes to rain on your parade after a frugal fail."