How to Earn More or Survive on Less

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How to Earn More or Survive on Less

Advice from around the Web that can help you make more and make the most of what you already have.

There seem to be two camps when it comes to advice on improving your finances: spend less or earn more. Both approaches have their pluses and minuses. Spending less might allow one parent to stay at home with the kids while the other works, but it also can mean watching every penny. Earning more certainly can put you on the path toward financial security, but it might mean working long hours and sacrificing time with friends and family. So I've rounded up tips on both strategies. Certainly, most of us would benefit from spending less AND earning more.

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Score a Bigger Raise with These 5 Ideas [Stacking Benjamins]
"If your current boss won’t give you more money, you might benefit from testing the waters elsewhere."

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Hey Women, Want to Get Ahead? Shut Up! [Wealthy Single Mommy]
"Plenty has been written about how horrid women are when it comes to negotiating and why. But there is one part of the explanation that is often missing: women over-explain."

My Thoughts on How to Make Extra Money Blogging [PT Money]
"This blog brings in anywhere from 25% to 40% of my full-time job monthly income. Enough to pay my mortgage and then some."


How to Get Rich Quick Realistically [Listen, Money Matters]
"If you follow these three simple principles that I’ve learned over my short lifetime, you will be on your way to getting rich quick, realistically."

Five People, One Income, and Self-Made Success [Afford Anything]
"I pay the majority of the family bills and I do not have a high paying job. Still, I managed to save enough to get my first property. It took two years of saving every dime (literally) I could."

Why I Voluntarily Slashed My Salary [Get Rich Slowly]
"Whether you decide to change your life or whether you have change thrust upon you, know that it is possible to craft a meaningful and even joyous existence on less money. A rich life is not necessarily determined by the number of dollar signs it contains."

When Finances Hurt: How I Survived on Minimum Wage [The Empowered Dollar]
"When I feel like I’m getting too complacent with my money, I remember what it was like to have to choose between a prescription and a bus pass. I think about these moments, and it helps me remember that I can survive and enjoy life on far less."