Save $50 a Day (and Feel No Pain)

Saving Money

Save $50 a Day (and Feel No Pain)

See how much money you can put back in your pocket.

We searched for big gains -- with little pain. The result? We sliced food bills by $2,794, found $1,214 in savings on utility costs, discovered leisure for $2,241 less, cut $3,715 in fees from banking and loans, plus shaved transportation costs by $2,827. Take a look at our slide show Top Savings Tips for 2009 (Listen to our podcast for how we picked our savings.)

All the ideas listed in the section below reduce your cost-of-living by $18,250 per year. Break it down and you're saving $50 a day. See which ones work for you. Plus, find out how three super savers do it. (Don't forget to add your tips in the Comment Box below.)

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Pay Less for . . .

Banking & Loans

Health and Insurance Costs




Investing Costs


High Tech and High Fashion

PLUS: How These Super Savers Do It

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