Scoop Up Brexit Travel Bargains Now

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Scoop Up Brexit Travel Bargains Now

Wait too long and deals could disappear as air carriers cut service to the U.K.


Travelers, London is calling—but perhaps not for long. The costs and inconveniences of traveling to the United Kingdom may pile up as the nation disentangles itself from the European Union over the next two years. For now, though, currency translations are in your favor, with the pound down 17% against the greenback over the past year, despite a bounce following a post-Brexit nosedive. And airfares are subdued, with fuel prices still low and terrorism concerns keeping travelers at home. The prospects for affordable travel to the U.K. (and Europe) “look bright for at least the next several months,” says George Hobica, of

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But don’t miss out. Delta and United airlines have said they will reduce some service to the U.K. this winter, which could lead to higher prices if there’s less competition. If European low-cost carrier Ryanair follows through on talk of “pivoting” traffic away from U.K. airports, options for cheap flights from the U.K. to Europe could diminish as well. And there is the potential for longer waits at customs if EU travelers must line up with other foreigners.

As for hotels, look into flexible booking options, in case the pound falls further or the British economy contracts. Fewer business travelers could mean empty hotel rooms and more bargains.