Travel Tips From Around the Web

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Travel Tips From Around the Web

A look at advice from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers about how to keep travel costs under control.

If you're planning a summer vacation, there are several ways to keep costs under control. For starters, you can choose a value destination. Consider these 12 vacation spots that are on sale. For more money-saving travel tips, here's advice from some of our favorite personal finance bloggers (plus a money-making travel tip).

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8 Budget Destinations That Don't Feel That Way [Savvy Sugar]
"There’s often an amazing (and cheaper!) alternative to the pricey destination you’ve been dreaming about."

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Make Your Money Stretch Further on a Cross-Country Road Trip [CreditDonkey]
"One good way to stretch your dollars is to try to get the best deals on gas, food and lodging as you go."

13 Healthy Meals & Snacks to Bring on Your Next Road Trip or Vacation [Money Crashers]
"By bringing meals and snacks that keep everyone satisfied, you can use the money on other things, such as souvenirs and sightseeing -- or, save it for your next vacation."


Don’t Let Your Vacation Wreck Your Credit []
"Here are five credit tips that you probably haven’t been thinking about as you’ve been planning your summer vacation."

7 Steps to Market Your Extra Space as a Vacation Rental [Wise Bread]
"If you have extra space and live in an area conducive to travel or tourism, I highly recommend hosting travelers. To give you an edge over the competition, here are seven criteria to keep in mind for maximum results."