Smart Travel Tips From Around the Web

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Smart Travel Tips From Around the Web

A look at advice from personal finance bloggers about how to save money on getaways.

I have been in several airports recently, but, unfortunately, none has been in a warm locale. This past weekend as I sat in a plane on the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport while snow was falling, I desperately longed to be on a beach where the sun was shining. I don't think I'm alone in this sentiment given the super-low temperatures, snow and ice that are plaguing many cities. In fact, several personal finance bloggers have recently written about how they want to escape from the cold. Here are their tips on saving for a getaway and making travel affordable.

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6 Painless Ways to Save Money for a Vacation [MoneyNing]
"By doing only a couple of these things, you can save enough money for a weekend trip. Do them all, and you may have enough money for a week-long vacation!"

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9 Travel & Vacation Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You Money [Money Crashers]
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10 Things You're Paying Too Much for When You Travel (and How to Pay Less) [Wise Bread]
"The cost of airfare, hotels, transportation, food, and entertainment can hit your pocket hard."


How That ‘Free’ Flight Cost Me $1,400 [Money Under 30]
"If you carry balances on your credit card for more than the occasional month or two, frequent flyer credit cards are simply a ripoff -- and the enticement of free air travel masks mighty unfavorable APR terms and annual fees."

Great Wintertime Staycation Ideas [Mint Life]
"There are plenty of winter-friendly ways to stay away from work, have fun, and still save money."