How to Survive Traveling With Tots

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How to Survive Traveling With Tots

Save your sanity -- and money -- this holiday season with these tips.

Traveling with small children never is easy. When you have to contend with the crowds, traffic and flight delays that are prevalent this time of year, it can be a nightmare.

One mother discovered just how harrowing it can be when she and her two children were kicked off an Allegiant Air flight because the flight staff said the children were “disruptive.”, an online travel resource, took note and helped the woman get a refund. It sent an e-mail to Allegiant, pointing out that the airline had violated its refund policy by denying a passenger “a refund that, based on the contract of carriage, it seems she should have received.”

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If this happens to you, deal with it immediately. Check the airline’s contract of carriage -- in most cases you’ll be entitled to a refund, according to

To improve your chances of avoiding situations like this altogether, make sure you’re properly prepared for your trip. As a mother of two, I'll admit that no amount of planning can prevent every mishap or meltdown. But you can minimize the damage -- and save money -- with these ten things I've learned from traveling with small children. See Traveling With Tots: A Survival Guide.