The Best Travel & Consumer Deals


The Best Travel & Consumer Deals

Here are some deals that are too good for you to pass up.

You work hard so why not reward yourself? We have compiled a list of our favorite deals and bargains for your money. From travel to cars to the best darn turkey around, take a look at some of the best ways to treat yourself.

We've laid out our picks in text format below, or you can check them out in our slide show.


JetBlue? Yes, despite a service meltdown during last winter's ice storms, budget airline JetBlue is still the best airline buy. It came in first among low-cost carriers in a J.D. Power and Associates study this summer. And it ranked second, just behind Hawaiian Airlines, in the 2007 Airline Quality Rating.

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According to the AQR, in 2006 JetBlue had fewer customer complaints, a lower mishandled-baggage rate and better on-time performance than most airlines. Plus, every seat has DirecTV.



The greenback packs a punch in Argentina. Buenos Aires, the capital city, offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere and affordable luxury. Buy custom-made clothing for a quarter of U.S. prices, or feast on a steak dinner with a bottle of excellent local wine for less than $20 per meal. A weeklong trip for two to Buenos Aires-including plane tickets from Chicago and four-star accommodations in November, an ideal time to visit-costs less than $2,600 through

Nissan Altima
Hyundai Veracruz
Toyota Prius

In our comparison of a dozen midsize, midprice sedans, the Nissan Altima (starting price for the V6 model, $24,625) clobbered the competition. Among crossover SUVs, the Hyundai Veracruz ($27,000, pictured) can be accessorized to compete with much pricier luxury crossovers, and a third-row seat is standard. Want a fuel miser? Toyota's affordable Prius ($22,835) still consumes the least gas.


Greenberg Smoked Turkey

Can a mail-order turkey star at your Thanksgiving dinner? We found one that can. Trust a Texas company to produce a smoked turkey with the kick of a mule. Of the five mail-order birds we sampled, the one from Greenberg Smoked Turkey, in Tyler, Tex., took top honors for its potent hickory flavor as well as its mahogany skin and tender, juicy meat. Not only did it avoid the oozy consistency of the other samples, but it looked like a turkey, as opposed to the turkoid appearance of the boneless breasts we ordered.

At $3.65 a pound plus $10 to $12 for ground shipping, Greenbergs birds are a bargain. To order, call 903-595-0725.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii ($250) is the most addictive and affordable system in the latest batch of video-game consoles to hit the market. Youll be hooked after a few swings of the Wii remote in the baseball-simulation game. And the Wii costs less than the basic versions of the Xbox 360 ($350) or the PlayStation 3 ($500).


Suvir Saran, chef and author Indian Home Cooking and the upcoming American Masala, says when picking pots, copperware is "the way to go. It's heavy, durable and can outlive any of us. It's a one-time investment." His recommendations: Mauviel's 3-quart saute pan for $350, 6-quart saucepan for $455 and 61/2-quart stew pan, which is like a Dutch oven, for $340.

To complete your set, buy 8- and 9-inch Lodge cast-iron skillets for a fraction of copper's cost. "You can go to a garage sale and get a perfectly seasoned one that someone's grandma used for $5, or buy new ones for about $15 each," says Saran. "Three copper pans and two cast-iron skillets are all you need."

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