Facebook Caves to Angry Businesses


Facebook Caves to Angry Businesses

Firms will get to access community pages to monitor and correct misconceptions.

Responding to numerous complaints, Facebook is giving businesses and other organizations a way to get control over their community pages -- pages that are set up by the social networking giant to facilitate online discussions of companies or their products.

The network service has created millions of community pages since April, bringing together people with similar hobbies or interests to create a collection of shared knowledge on any given topic.

But companies and organizations that saw community pages sprout up around their brands and products quickly grew furious when they realized they were powerless to control the content.

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Often, such pages come up in search engines before an organization’s own official page.


Now -- with no public announcement -- a button has appeared on community pages that asks “Is this your page?” Claim the page as an official representative of your company and Facebook -- after checking to see you are who you say you are -- will merge it with your firm’s official page, giving you a chance to respond to what others are posting about your business.