Best Wireless Phone Deals for Different Calling Patterns


Best Wireless Phone Deals for Different Calling Patterns

Fight rate creep with inexpensive plans tailored to your calling patterns.

With the help of Allan Keiter, president of, we picked the best deal for three typical profiles:

Moderate users. You get 1,000 minutes for $30 a month (and no contract) with the Straight Talk All You Need prepaid plan ( You also can send or receive up to 1,000 text messages per month, plus get limited Web access. Best phone deal to go with this plan, which primarily uses the Verizon network: the LG 100C ($60, which includes first month's service).

Heavy users. For $70 a month with a two-year contract, the Sprint Everything Data plan offers unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, texting and data (with 3G data speeds), plus 450 anytime minutes for roaming and calling land lines. Best phone deal: the HTC Hero with Google smart phone ($80 at BlackBerries are also available.

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Families. Do you have texting teens? Check out the Sprint Everything Messaging Family plan ($100 a month with a two-year contract). You get unlimited text, picture and video messaging on any network; 1,500 anytime voice minutes; and two lines (plus up to three more lines for $10 apiece). Best phone deal: the Samsung Reclaim, free if you order it at with a new line or a new two-year contract.