Tech Toys for Tots


Tech Toys for Tots

Hot gadgets aren't just for the teen and adult set. Check out the latest must-have electronics for babies and kids.

Kids take to technology faster than adults -- just ask any parent. And it's a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by toymakers. The electronic toy industry is a $1.6 billion business, according to the Toy Industry Association, and is one of the hottest market segments right now.

The proliferation of cell phones, iPods, and computers haven't been lost on preschoolers, who sometimes take a grownup's laptop or music player for an unsupervised test drive -- with disastrous results.

Naturally, the end result is more tech toys for tots, many of which are kid-proof versions of adults' high-tech including MP3 players, digital cameras and laptops. These gifts aren't reserved for the teen and grown-up set any more. "We continue to see the increased popularity of tech toys, a lot of which incorporate learning," says Toy Industry Association Adrienne Citrin. And while tech toys aren't replacing traditional playthings such as Legos and Barbie, "they're another alternative in the preschool aisles," Citrin says.

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