Yelp Gives You the Inside Scoop

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Yelp Gives You the Inside Scoop

This site provides reviews of what's great in an area so you don't waste time and money going to places that aren't so great.

The New York Times reported today that Google is in talks to buy Yelp. If you're not familiar with this review site for local businesses, you should get to know it -- especially if you plan to travel over the holidays.

Say you're going to Nashville to visit your in-laws. They like country music and burgers, but you like jazz and Asian food so you need some help finding places where you can indulge your own tastes. At Yelp, you can find reviews of restaurants, nightlife and more written by locals and others who have visited the establishments. You can search for reviews by category or neighborhood.

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The reviews are candid. Yelpers, as they are called, will let you know if the hype about a place doesn't match reality. And in the "Talk" section of the site, you can post questions, such as "Where's the best place to eat?" or "Where will the best New Year's Eve events be?"

Yelp also is a great way to find new things to do in your hometown. The site features reviews for hundreds of cities, as well as sales and offers near you.