What Could You Live Without?

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What Could You Live Without?

An article on TheWeek.com, Can You Live Without an iPhone?, reminded me of a media conference I attended in New York in April, where everyone had an iPhone, BlackBerry or some PDA -- except me. I felt like a loser. But I got over my tech envy quickly because I knew I really had no need for such a device. I work from home, so my computer is at my fingertips at all times. And just think of all the money I'm saving by not owning one of these pricey gadgets ($100 for the phone and, at the least, $70 month for the ATT contract). 

If you're looking for ways to slash expenses, ask yourself whether you really need that iPhone or nonessential gadget or service that comes with a high monthly charge. For example, Kiplinger.com Contributing Editor Erin Burt canceled her cable TV subscription more than a year ago and has saved more than $1,000 by eliminating that monthly bill.

Tell us what you could live without.

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