Turn Unwanted Gifts Into Cash

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Turn Unwanted Gifts Into Cash

Get a head start on next year's holiday gift fund by selling stuff online.

If you were lucky, Santa brought you everything you wanted this year -- and nothing you didn't want. But most of us aren't so fortunate.

Maybe you got a sweater that was two sizes too small, or your kids got the same Tickle Me Elmo grandma gave them last year. If gift receipts were included in the packages, you probably can swap out the items for something you really want. See No-Hassle Gift Returns for six things you should know about getting a refund or exchanging items.

No gift receipt, huh? Consider selling your unwanted gifts online. Watch our Turn Clutter into Extra Cash video and read Sell With Success Online for tips on selling items on eBay and other sites. The money you make will give you a good start on next year's holiday gift fund.

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