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Savings on the Web

We've rounded up the most efficient paths to search for Web savings. But before looking for savings online, make sure you've looked under your own roof first. Cutting your cost of living is the fastest way to keep cash in your bank account. Save $50 a Day shows you ways to reduce utility bills, insurance costs, banking fees and more -- and we add up the savings for you.

Once you've ratcheted down those monthly expenses, these bookmark-worthy Web sites can help you get even bigger bang for your buck.

The search for bargains begins with Daily Deals from Wise Bread, which aggregates the top freebies, coupons and specials from 40 Web sites daily. 

Wallet Pop highlights its own Freebies (currently a free weekend-day Hertz car rental) and pulls together a list of Deals pulled from across the Web. was named to Kiplinger's 2008 Best List for finding deals. It aggregates one-day, Internet-only sales. The pickings run the gamut, but you can search by category.

For sales at mainstream retailers there's, which grew out of tracking Black Friday Sales.

To save money on the item of your choice, you can search for Web coupon codes at sites such as and You'll also find printable coupons for brick-and-mortar stores.

For price searches on specific items, there are such mainstays such as and Also worth a look are, which is advertised as vendor-neutral, and, which has an inviting homepage.

Share your favorite sites for finding extra savings.  

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