How to Save Big

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How to Save Big

Looking for ways to keep more cash? Here are more than 100.

You could save a few bucks by splitting two-ply toilet paper into single-ply to get more out of each roll. Or you really could save big bucks by following our suggestions in Save Money on Practically Everything, 2010.

Our annual compilation offers 107 ways to save on food, investing, entertainment, utility bills, financial planning and more. For example, you can save on prescription-drug costs by shopping around. Different stores charge different prices for the same drugs. Call around to shop for the lowest price, or try to find prescription- and nonprescription-drug prices online and in your own neighborhood. SEE ALL OUR MONEY-SAVING TIPS.

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For even more tips on keeping more cash, see 7 Sneaky Savings Strategies for Generation Y and 10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving. And be sure to share your money-saving tips in the reader comments box below.