How Do You Find Time to Find Deals?

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How Do You Find Time to Find Deals?

I want your tips on how to incorporate bargain hunting into a daily life filled with work, kids and more.

David Mitchell at has some good tips on getting deals by timing your purchases to coincide with retailers' sales. But as I read his account of making three trips to a particular store to get the clothing items he wanted when they went on sale, I was struck by the amount of time he had to devote to snagging a bargain.

I do love a good deal. Each year around Christmas, I update my list of favorite deal sites. But I work full-time, have two small children and various other commitments. So three trips to the same store for different items of clothing is out of the question for me. I admire the people whom Kiplinger's interviewed in 2009 for Steal These Deals who stalk bargains and scour advertising circulars for the best deals. "Think how much money I could save if I were doing this," I say to myself -- if only I had the time.

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So, readers, I'm asking for your advice. If you work and have children, how do you find time to track down and take advantage of deals? I want to know your secrets (as I'm sure other working parents do, too). Is it possible to always get the best price on everything you buy, or do you have to settle for being occasionally frugal? Is it even worth it to devote so much time to getting a deal (and give up time with the kids or just relaxing)? Share your comments in the box below.