Get Discounts for All Kinds of Trade-Ins

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Get Discounts for All Kinds of Trade-Ins

Retailers now are offering cash or other incentives for your clunkers.

Spurred by the popularity of the government's "cash for clunkers" program, some retailers are offering rebates, discounts or gift cards to customers who bring in used items. Many of the trade-in programs are geared toward electronic gadgets, video games and DVDs.

For example, Radio Shack lets you trade-in 14 types of gadgets, from computers to cell phones to radar detectors. You can appraise the value of your item on its site, print out a prepaid shipping label and get a Radio Shack gift card for your trade-in.

To find out which other retailers have trade-in programs, see Clunkers, Part II -- and III and IV. Also, states will offer rebates ranging from $50 to $250 starting late this year or early next year when you purchase new Energy Start-qualified appliances to replace your "clunkers."

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