Fun, Free and Interesting Things to Do in Your City

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Fun, Free and Interesting Things to Do in Your City

If there's one thing we've learned from producing our annual Best Cities package, it's that every city strives to provide community-oriented amenities to residents and tourists alike, to offer quality living beyond the essentials (home, job, education).

Depending on the size of your town, you may find free concerts, area hiking trails, walking tours, artists walks, nature guides, seminars, movie events, museums, exhibits and festivals. How often do you take advantage of all that your town has to offer? We have some resources to help you discover how great your city is. (And you can even nominate it for our Reader's Choice 2009.)

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Convention and Visitor's Bureau: Visit yours (online or in person) for information and suggested itineraries to explore where you live.

Wisebread's User-Generated List: This blog asked users to send suggestions for Fun, Free and Cheap Things to Do Under $5 in their cities. You can search via a clickable map.'s 101 Free Things To Do City Guide:
This site currently has 50 free, kid-friendly city guides. Plus, there's also an e-book with more ideas of inexpensive and fun activities you can do with kids.

Local Wine Events:
This site tracks wine events and tastings by city. Most of the casual events are free or low-cost.

Create Your Own Free Guide: Simpe Dollar suggests that in one hour, you can create a personalized free guide to your own city. Why not give it a shot.

If you're still searching for that perfect town to call home, try our revised City Finder tool. You set the criteria that's important to you, and we'll provide up to five locations that best suit your needs.

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