Food and Grocery Savings Tips From Around the Web

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Food and Grocery Savings Tips From Around the Web

Advice from personal finance bloggers about how to cut food expenses.

If you hadn't noticed, chickens are incredibly popular right now. It's become trendy to have a few roaming in your backyard -- so much so that residents in communities across the country have been pushing for revisions to zoning ordinances to allow them in urban areas. One reason for chickens' growth in popularity is that they're viewed as an inexpensive source of organic eggs. But does having your own chickens really save money on eggs? Julie Sparrow Carson of The Monied blog recently did the math in her post Dollar Averaging the Chicken Coop. She claims the savings might not be all they are, well, cracked up to be.

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Cleary, plenty of people have chickens for reasons other than potential cost savings. But if you're really looking to save money on food, you might want to consider some of these tips from personal finance bloggers instead.

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5 Ways to Save on Your Food Costs This Summer [MoneyNing]
"If you’re really wanting to save on your food budget this month, try some of these suggestions. Take it from me: a little planning can equate to a ton of savings and a healthier diet!"

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The Best and Worst Times to Go Grocery Shopping [Wise Bread]
"Picking the right time to go shopping, preparing yourself before you go, and keeping yourself focused while you are there are all keys to avoiding purchasing budget (and diet) busters."

Grocery Stockpile: How to Build It and Save Money [Bargain Babe]
"It’s not about getting the most for less; it’s about getting the most out of what you paid less for."