Cheap Ways to Celebrate Halloween

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Cheap Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Tips from personal finance bloggers on how to enjoy tricks and treats without the scary expense.

I recently shared tips for saving money on Halloween because the amount consumers are expected to spend on this spooky holiday -- about $7.4 billion -- is downright frightening. I found several more ways from some of our favorite personal finance bloggers to help keep down the cost of costumes, candy, decorations and more. Take a look:

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Simple Tips to Save Money at Halloween -- Decorations, Food, Costumes & Trick-or-Treating [Money Crashers]
"Halloween doesn’t have to be a budget-busting night. In fact, you might find that a little DIY spirit actually makes it a lot more fun."

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Halloween Decorations: 10 Easy DIY Crafts! [Bargain Babe]
"Many of these projects look impressive (a.k.a. hard) but actually require few steps and only a few materials, many of which you probably already have around the house."

11 Easy No-Sew Adult Costumes [RetailMeNot]
"The following 11 ideas are easy to pull off and won’t bust your budget."


5 Spook-tacular Ways to Save on Halloween [Mint Life]
"Did you know that the average American household is expected to spend $125 on Halloween this year? If you want to trim that number, here are some ways to save this spooky season."

5 Essentials for Making Your Child's Costume [Block Talk]
"Instead of purchasing a ready-to-wear costume, get a little creative and make your own!"

20 Fun Ways to Use Pumpkin [Wise Bread]
"Get creative and go beyond pumpkin pie with these 20 fun ways to use pumpkins."

65 Pet Costumes to DIY on the Cheap [Popsugar]
"Not only will you impress people with your artistic talent, but you will also be saving megabucks by making your own."

13 Yucky Halloween Treats Kids Would Rather Toss Than Eat [Len Penzo dot Com]
"I decided to survey my kids, Matthew and Nina, to find out some of the worst stuff folks in our neighborhood have tossed in their Halloween bags over the years."