Best of Kiplinger's: 31 Top Features of All Time

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Best of Kiplinger's: 31 Top Features of All Time

For those getting to know Kiplinger's Personal Finance on the Web, we're going to send you straight to the best we have to offer -- according to our readers that is. Take a look at 31 of our most-read and visited pages ever. These just may become your favorites, too.

1. Easy-to-Use Tax Withholding Calculator Get an estimate of how much more you could bring home every week by adjusting your tax withholding.

2. Which City Is Best for You?
Answer a few questions about your ideal town and then see a list of real places that best match your criteria.

3. Best Cities Annual Packages
Every year we pick a theme for selecting Best Cities. From all the slideshows on our main page, the most popular are: Best Places for Empty-Nesters, Best Places for Young Singles, Best Places Reitrees and Best Cities to Live, Work and Play.

4. Save Money on Practically Everything Erin Burt shows you how to Save on Food and Utilities, Travel, Credit & Debt, Entertainment and more. Each of these slide shows ranks among our reader favorites.

5. Fabulous Freebies Put your wallet away. Here are 26 valuable goods and services that don't cost a thing.

6. Best Values in Public and Private Colleges  This is another annual package that stands out for popularity. See our ratings and vote for your favorite school. New this year are campus walking tours.

7. Fabulous Freebies: 2008 Thirty more great things you can get without spending a cent.

8. Calculate the Real Miles per Gallon of Your Car The EPA altered how it computes miles per gallon data beginning with 2008 models. If you own or may purchase a car older than 2008, use this calculator for a more accurate estimate of its fuel efficiency.

9. Six Great Kitchen Makeovers
We asked kitchen remodeling and design pros for examples of creative makeovers.

10. The 25 Best Mutual Funds Referred to as the Kip 25, the list of our favorite mutual funds is updated once a year. Find out what's in the mix for the year ahead.

11. 10 Best Values in Used Cars These picks are updated every year. The data in this slide show is current for April 2008. Take a look at our recommendations before we refresh our picks for 2009.

12. 11 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions This list of overlooked deductions comes straight out of IRS data. Take a peek.

13. 25 Gifts for $25 or Less Written with the holidays in mind, these gift-giving ideas are good all year round.

14. How to Find Extra Cash
These simple moves show you how to turn $448 a month into a million bucks.

The Basics of Money Proof that basics aren't boring, this page can get non-experts started on any topic from investing to home buying.

16. Household Budget Worksheet
This simple sheet can change your life. If you prefer a more automated approach, see our Six Best Budgeting Sites.

17. Why You Need a Roth IRA With this indispensable savings tool, your money grows tax-free.

18. Private Islands for Sale Ever dream of your own paradise? For the right price you can own it.

19. Test Your Retirement Planning IQ See how much you really know about 401(k) plans, IRAs and other retirement accounts.

20. 5 Ways to Whip Inflation When You Shop at Warehouse Club
Find out what makes the big-box stores such a bargain.

21. 30 Best Travel Sites
One master list for airline and vacation deals, plus other valuable resources.

22. Eight Inspiring Yard Transformations
These eight before-and-after landscaping projects can give you ideas to transform your yard.

23. Retirement Planning: How Prepared Are You?
See how much you know about saving for retirement.

24. Which Online Broker Is Best for You?
This tool asks a few simple questions, then finds the brokers that are the best fit for your priorities.

25. Ordinary Investors, Extraordinary Results Seven ordinary investors share their secrets for success. See if their ideas work in today's climate.

26. Six Simple Ways to Retire Rich
As the market makes its predicted comeback by year's end, make sure you're doing your part to secure your financial future.

27. What $1000 Can Do This feature is updated annually to change with the times. You can also review our $1000 ideas for 2007, 2006 and 2005.

28. The Personal Finance Quiz
How much to do you know about the vital matters of personal finance?

29. Financial Truth or Bunk: Can You Tell? These 12 money rules of thumb are often touted as gospel truth. Do they point you in the right direction -- or lead you astray? (Plus, see Truth or Bunk Round II)

30. Kiplinger's Taxopedia
Our easy-to-read guide to tax deductions.

Free Money for Grad School Boost your chances of getting someone to pay for your master's or PhD.

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