Best and Worst Buys of October

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Best and Worst Buys of October

If you're looking for deals, don't rush to do your holiday shopping.

If you're planning on getting a head start on your holiday shopping, don't expect to find many deals in October. A few seasonal items will go on sale this month, but don't start stocking up on Christmas gifts yet. Here are the best and worst things to buy now, according to, which analyzes deals from past years to predict what will be discounted this year.

What's on sale now ...

Denim. You'll find discounts on jeans that retailers didn't sell during the back-to-school season. However, you're likely to see retailers discount denim even more -- or offer their best coupons -- during Black Friday in November.

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Garden items. The discounts you saw in September will be even steeper this month as retailers try to unload gardening items, patio sets and grills still lingering in stores from the summer. You'll also find deals on landscaping trees and shrubs that nurseries want to clear out before winter.


Halloween items. The best time to buy costumes and decorations is after October 31, when these items are marked down 50% to 90%. But if you need to outfit your trick-or-treaters for this Halloween, you'll find sales the week before the holiday. Or check deal-a-day sites, such as Groupon, BuyWithMe and KGB Deals, for special offers on costumes earlier in the month.

Wait a little longer to buy ...

Toys. You might already be hearing about the must-have toys for this season -- but you won't see the prices drop on these toys until December. So hold off on your purchases, if you can.

HDTVs and laptops. Hold out until November or December to do your TV or computer shopping. The real deals will appear Black Friday and continue into the weeks before Christmas.

Cold-weather apparel. The best deals will appear in January. But if you're desperate for a new coat, try to at least wait until November when retailers will offer some deals around Black Friday.

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