Best and Worst Buys of November

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Best and Worst Buys of November

Black Friday is almost here -- and so are deep discounts on TVs, computers and other items.

For months, I've been telling you to hold off on purchases of HDTVs, computers and other electronics until November. Now that this deal-friendly month is finally here, you won't have to wait long for prices on these items to be marked down on Black Friday. Plus, you'll also find several other things marked down in November, according to, which analyzes deals from past years to predict what will be discounted this year.

What's on sale this month ...

HDTVs. Prices on TVs should hit their lowest points of the year on Black Friday -- and the weeks leading up to this major shopping day November 25, according to However, you'll find rock-bottom prices only on off-brand models. Deep discounts on top brand models won't appear until December.

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Computers. predicts that prices on mainstream, 15- to 16-inch laptops will start as low as $325 (the lowest price of the year) during Black Friday week, and prices on basic desktop computers will be as low as $189. Top-of-the-line desktops could be marked down as low as $720.


Blu-ray movies. Expect to see prices on popular titles drop around Black Friday.

Android tablets. Although Apple cut the price (just slightly) on its iPad on Black Friday 2010, expects the best bargain this year will be on Android OS tablets (starting as low as $75 for generic models), as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola XOOM.

Furniture. Although January usually is a good month to find deals on furniture as retailers try to clear their showrooms for the arrival of new models, sales in November may be even better. According to's data from the past two years, there were more furniture deals in November than in January. Look for discounts at Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Sears, JCPenney, Amazon and Overstock.

Wait a little longer to buy ...


Toys. You might already be hearing about the must-have toys for this season -- but you won't see the best prices until the 14 days leading up to Christmas. If your child has been asking for a game console, you may find deals on current systems in December if the rumors are true that new Wii and Xbox models will hit the stores soon.

Cold-weather apparel. The best deals will appear in January. But if you're desperate for a new coat, many apparel retailers offer online coupons around Black Friday.

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