Best and Worst Buys of June 2014

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Best and Worst Buys of June 2014

You'll see sales on dishware, gym memberships and lingerie, but wait to buy summertime necessities like grills and patio furniture.

Now that the big Memorial Day sales have come and gone, don't expect to see a lot of discounts on items in June. In fact, only a handful of things tend to get marked down during the first month of summer. Here's what you can find on sale in June, and what you should wait a little longer to buy.

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What's on sale now ...

Dishware. Wedding season brings discounts on dishware as companies compete to offer the lowest prices so their products end up on registries, according to Look for savings of 25% to 50%.

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Gym memberships. When warm weather arrives, exercise junkies head outside. With the drop in demand, gyms tend to slash price in June to lure people back inside, according to CreditDonkey.

Lingerie. Victoria's Secret has its big semiannual sale in June, and many other lingerie retailers follow suit with sales of their own. It’s a good time to stock up on undergarments that are deeply discounted by 50% or more.


Xbox One. The Xbox One will get a $100 price cut on June 9, says Vice President Howard Schaffer. However, the lower price will be available for consoles without the Kinect sensor.

Wait a little longer to buy ...

Laptop computers. School's not even out in some places, yet back-to-school sales already are starting. Many of the sales are featuring deals on laptops, Schaffer says. However, you'll probably find deeper discounts as summer progresses, according to

Outdoor items. Some retailers had sales on grills and patio furniture over the long Memorial Day weekend. But the real deals won't appear until later in the summer. Grills have been discounted as much as 50% during Fourth of July sales in past years, according to You'll also see deep discounts on grills and patio furniture during Labor Day sales and in early fall.

Summer apparel. You won't see deep discounts of 50% or more on summer clothes and swimsuits until August. However, you'll likely find spring clothes on clearance racks, and many of those items might be lightweight enough to get you through the warm summer months.

Tools. You'll see plenty of sales on tools in advance of Father's Day. But the deals get even better in July, when retailers further discount tools that didn't sell the previous month. So if Dad needs a new wrench, give him a gift card and tell him to wait a few weeks before using it.