Best and Worst Buys of January 2014

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Best and Worst Buys of January 2014

You'll find electronics, furniture, linens and more on sale this month.

There is no shortage of deals in January. So if you didn't bust your budget during the holidays, here's what you can expect to find on sale this month. If you've been eyeing any of these items, now is to buy them at great discounts.

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Broadway tickets. You can get two tickets for the price of one to several popular shows during Broadway Week in January, which actually lasts two weeks from January 21 to February 6. Some shows will even offer the discount for up to four weeks, says Erich Jungwirth, chief operating officer of the Lyric Theatre (formerly Foxwoods Theatre), Broadway's largest theater and home to Spider Man Turn Off the Dark. This biannual event also happens in September, giving theater-goers another chance to score two-for-one tickets. January and February are good months, in general, to see Broadway shows for less because it’s off-season and ticket prices tend to drop. See How to Save on Tickets to Broadway Shows for more tips.

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Christmas décor. After staring at Christmas decorations all December, it might be hard to think about stocking up on holiday items. But January is the ideal time to find ornaments, garland, artificial trees and décor marked down as much as 75%, according to If you don’t mind the red-and-green theme or chocolate shaped like a wreath, you can load up on deeply discounted edible holiday treats in January, too.

Electronics. You'll see discounts on 2013 models of cameras, audio equipment, tablets and other electronics as new versions debut this month at the Consumer Electronics Show. recommends watching for announcement of new models so you know which 2013-model devices will go on sale.

Fitness equipment. Retailers know that people usually resolve to lose weight in the new year, so they tend to have sales on fitness equipment to lure consumers into stores in January. According to, you’ll find stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, complete home gyms, and training accessories and DVDs that are marked 30% to 70% off -- and many deals extend into February.


Furniture. Many furniture manufacturers release new styles in February, so retailers must clear out old, bulky inventory in January. So you'll see some of the most significant price cuts of the year in January, according to Brett Billick, senior director of, says some stores have discounts of up to 60%, and many offer incentives such as 0% financing.

Gift cards. Several Web sites such as Gift Card Granny buy gift cards for a percentage of the remaining value and sell them at a discount. There’s typically a flood of gift cards being sold to these sites after the holidays, says Luke Knowles, the founder of Gift Card Granny. The glut of inventory on gift-card reseller sites makes it a great buying opportunity for people looking to get better-than-usual discounts on gift cards. So if you find, say, a $50 Macy’s gift card for just $40, you’ll automatically save $10 the next time you shop there. See 3 Simple Steps to Cash in Unused Gift Cards.

Linens. Take advantage of "white sales" this month to get new towels or sheets if the ones you have aren't looking so white anymore. Expect to see discounts ranging from 20% to 75%, with markdowns extending to a wide range of home goods.

Winter apparel. Apparel retailers aim to clear out winter gear and restock their racks by the third week of January, says Billick of To do so, they have clearance sales and offer plenty of coupons and merchandise promotions, such as two-for-one deals, he says. Expect sales that take up to 80% off winter apparel, and look for coupons that slash up to an extra 60% off, according to


Wait a little longer to buy ...

Big-screen HDTVs. doesn't expect prices to drop dramatically on name-brand HDTVs that are 55 inches or bigger until early February. Look for prices to be about 10% lower than Black Friday prices.

Gaming consoles. With demand still strong for the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4, doesn't expect to see any discounts on these gaming consoles until April. Even then, discounts will only be about 10%.