Best and Worst Buys of April 2014

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Best and Worst Buys of April 2014

You'll find athletic shoes, cookware, clothing and more on sale during the month.

If you clear out your closets of all the things you're no longer using and sell them -- as I suggest in Five Ways to Make Money From Spring Cleaning -- you'll have extra cash to purchase what you need (or perhaps really want). Fortunately, April is a great time to find deals on several things. Here's what you can expect to find on sale during the month, and what you should wait a little longer to buy.

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What's on sale now ...

Athletic shoes. As the weather starts to warm up, retailers lower prices on athletic shoes as an incentive to get consumers to buy a new pair as they head outside to exercise. You can expect discounts of 15% to 45%, according to

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Cookware. Look for great sales on cookware in April as retailers lower prices for wedding and graduation season, says Vice President Howard Schaffer. Expect discounts of up to 50%, he says.

Gym memberships. Gyms tend to see a surge of new members at the beginning of the year when people typically resolve to lose weight. Now that the fitness buzz has calmed down and warm weather is in sight, gyms are looking to attract new customers, Schaffer says. So now is a good time to look for discounts if you didn't join a gym earlier in the year.


Spring apparel. April is when we start to see sales on spring apparel, says RetailMeNot merchandiser Eliza Bellock. She expects clothing discounts of up to 40% this month, plus an extra 15% to 25% off as we get closer to Easter (April 20). According to, you'll find even deeper discounts in May. But the selection might be smaller then.

Summer travel. April can be your last big chance to find a great deal on summer travel, Schaffer says. The best bargains on cruises and hotel rooms pop up before the summer months hit, so take advantage of lower prices by booking travel in April, he says.

Tires and car-care products. A nastier-than-usual winter has meant that many people have yet to take snow tires off their vehicles, says RetailMeNot car specialist Ryan Ambler. This has prompted manufacturers to offer discounts on all-season tires earlier, he says. Those discounts are generally in the form of rebates. For instance, at Tire Rack you can get an $80 mail-in rebate on Goodyear/Dunlop tires through May 31.

Vacuums. If you're desperate for a new vacuum for your spring cleaning, you can get one on sale in April and May before new models debut in June, according to Discounts typically range from 20% to 25%. However, to get an even better deal, wait until November. has found by searching its monthly archive of sales data that there are almost twice as many good deals on these handy home appliances in November than in April, and discounts range from 25% to 40%.


Xbox One. expects to see steeper discounts than the 10%-off deals that already have surfaced on this gaming system because it's been on the market for several months now and it's being outsold by Sony's PlayStation 4.

Wait a little longer to buy ...

Grills and patio furniture. Although grills and patio furniture have started appearing in furniture and home-improvement stores, don't rush to buy outdoor items now. You won't see prices drop until July, Schaffer says. To get a really good deal on a grill or patio furniture (50% off or more), wait until the end of summer.

Mattresses. If you can wait a month to buy a mattress, you'll see discounts of 50% or more during Memorial Day sales in May, according to