12 Things That Will Cost Less in 2011

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12 Things That Will Cost Less in 2011

Expect price drops on these electronics and tech gadgets.

Consumers, prepare your pocketbooks. You'll have to pay more for food, utilities, gasoline, phone service, cable TV and more this year, according to our inflation forecast.

However, the good news is that the prices on many other things (computers, TVs, high-tech hardware, new cars and shoes) will hold steady or drop. The folks at dealnews.com, one of our favorite Web sites for finding deals, have pinpointed 12 items that will cost less this year.

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For its analysis, dealnews.com used prices on popular items from 2009 to 2010 to formulate its 2011 price predictions. The prices reflect the lowest price the dealnews.com team found on those items, not average prices. Here are their predictions:

iPhone 3GS: $49 ($97 in 2010). This price drop is already here for an 8GB 3GS phone, according to dealnews.com, but don't expect to see these models on sale much longer.


Blu-ray Player: $39 ($50 in 2010). This price drop isn't as big the $26 drop from 2009 to 2010. However, you might even get one for free if you buy a new TV this year because dealnews.com expects to see these players bundled as extras with TVs.

42-inch HDTV: $299 ($370 in 2010). The prices on HDTVs just continue to drop. After falling more than $100 from 2009 to 2010, the price on 42-inch models should drop another $70 this year.

55-inch HDTV: $599 ($699 in 2010). The prices on 55-inch HDTVs are now where 46-inch HDTV prices were in 2008, according to dealnews.com, and should fall to 2009 46-inch prices this year.

Kindle eBook Reader: $99 ($130 in 2010). The Kindle earned a spot on Kiplinger's Best of Everything 2010 list because it has managed to stay a step ahead of its competitors -- and continues to drop in price.


Wii System Bundles: $99 ($150 in 2010). Prices should drop throughout the year (as new models come out) until they hit a low of $99.

15-inch to 16-inch dual-core laptop: $199 ($218 in 2010). These laptops will be cheaper than new 10-inch netbooks and cost just slightly more than 7-inch Android tablets.

17-inch Dual-Core Laptop: $399 ($450 in 2010). After holding steady from 2009 to 2010, the price on this basic desktop replacement should fall about $50 this year.

Full-Size Digital SLR Camera: $299 ($319 in 2010). These high-powered cameras will cost what point-and-shoot cameras cost a few years ago, according to dealnews.com.


16GB SD Card: $12 ($17 in 2010). These cards used to store pictures taken by digital cameras already are cheap and will get even cheaper because you'll need bigger cards for new SLR cameras.

Portable GPS: $40 ($45 in 2010). This is as low as prices will go on these devices, according to dealnews.com, because manafacturers are adding features to new models -- and driving up the price -- to compete with in-car models and smart phones.

External 2TB USB Drives: $50 ($90 in 2010). Prices on these data-storage devices continue to fall (down from $140 in 2009).

See the chart on dealnews.com for more information about the items used for 2009 and 2010 prices.

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