10 Free Ways to Show Your Love

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10 Free Ways to Show Your Love

These gifts from the heart are sure to impress your loved ones this Valentine's Day.

Americans are expected to spend less on gifts and cards for Valentine’s Day this year -- an average of $63 compared with $67 in 2009, according to the National Retail Federation. We’ve come up with ten ways to say “I love you” without spending a dime.

Make coupons for favors. Create coupons redeemable for a massage, favorite homemade meal, car wash or whatever your loved one desires.

Make a mix tape. You’ll feel like you’re in junior high again as you put your honey’s favorite love songs on one tape, er, I mean CD or playlist on his iPod.

Keep a love journal. Write down memories, feelings, etc., in a notebook and give it to him or her for Valentine's Day. Then add entries to it for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions -- or just because.

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Breakfast in bed. Let your spouse sleep in while you whip up some pancakes and coffee while he or she dozes. (Be sure to clean up the kitchen so your significant other doesn’t wake up to a mess.)


Do your spouse’s chores. This one is guaranteed to get you in the good graces of your significant other. Offer to do a chore -- such as washing clothes or taking out the garbage -- that he or she usually does for a week.

Tackle a home project. Maybe there’s a closet in your house overflowing with junk, or a room that needs to be painted, or a pantry that needs to be organized. Your honey will be so happy if you tackle this task for him or her.

Grandparents, volunteer to babysit. Offer to watch the grandkids so your child can get a little alone time with his or her sweetie. They’ll love you for it -- and your grandchildren will love the opportunity to spend time with you.

Give mom some time off. No grandparents to watch the kids so you both can go out? Tell your wife to leave the house for a few hours and do whatever she darn well pleases while you take care of the baby. She will return refreshed and more in the mood for romance after the children are asleep.


Make cards. Get the kids to make cards for their parents, grandparents and friends. My daughter had a lot of fun making cards for all her classmates this year (much more personal than some cheesy Hannah Montana card). We used markers and paper we already had at home.

Watch a classic. Rather than spend money dining out at a crowded restaurant, stay at home and watch a movie you both love. Pick out a DVD you already own or check out the free downloads at Netflix.