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Consumer Advice From Around the Web

A look at tips from a few of our favorite personal finance bloggers on spending wisely.

I found an interesting post this week on the Mint Life blog about what Americans spend money on that people in other countries don't. Kelly Anderson writes, "Spending habits of Americans include buying junk food, paying fines, and taking our chances at the casino." In short, she says that we waste a lot of money. Do you agree? Share your comments below, and check out these other consumer-related posts from around the Web.

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Do You Pay for Convenience? [Money Ning]
"In many cases, the time spent finding the absolute cheapest price, plus the hassles associated with jumping through hoops to make it happen, just aren’t worth it to me."

10 Things Worth Splurging On []
"Many of the items on this list aren’t top luxury items, but rather items where you should consider paying a little more money than normal for an above average product."


How to Break a Spending Habit [20's Finances]
"It’s practically impossible to get rid of a habit in one night. It’s much easier to make small changes until you accomplish the goal that you want to accomplish."

8 Questions to Determine a True Bargain [Bargain Babe]
"I go for one thing and always leave with a carload. Ask yourself if you can afford to 'save' this much money!"

Why Sneaky Package Size Reductions are No Longer Fooling Consumers [Len Penzo dot Com]
"Comparing unit prices is the easiest way to figure out the best deal when evaluating different package sizes."

Does Amazon Prime Actually Save Money? [The Simple Dollar]
"The value of Amazon Prime really, really depends on your buying habits. For some people, I think it’s absolutely worth it. For others, it’s not worth it at all."

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