Track Your Cash

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Track Your Cash

The Web makes it easy to know exactly where your money goes.

About now your new year's resolve to stay on top of your spending may be flagging. Don't quit yet, because it's easier than ever to track your income, outgo and everything in between.

In January, Intuit unveiled its $2.99-a-month Quicken Online, a service geared toward twenty- and thirtysomethings whose main financial goals are knowing where their money goes, avoiding late and overdraft fees, and living within their means.

Not to be confused with the more comprehensive Quicken software, the online version doesn't manage investments or organize your taxes. It aggregates balance information from bank and credit-card accounts so you know how much money you've got available, taking pending transactions into account. It'll also remind you of upcoming bills (via text message or e-mail) and track spending by category. You can even get money tips from other users.

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Apple iPhone users can do it all on the fly, tapping in purchase info at the cash register the way their parents might have updated a checkbook. A 30-day trial is free at

Quicken will no doubt give one of our favorite sites a run for its money. But Wesabe (as mentioned on our list of the 25 Best Web Sites) is free, does similar balance-aggregating and money-tracking, and is also mobile-phone-friendly.