Three Best Bargains at Whole Foods

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Three Best Bargains at Whole Foods

You can get good deals at the high-end grocer if you know what to shop for.

Whole Foods is often jokingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck,” because you can spend twice as much on many items at the natural foods store than you would at a conventional grocery store.

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However, you actually can find some good deals at Whole Foods that will run you about the same or even less than similar items found at competitors such as Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Kroger. Here are three of the best bargains we found at Whole Foods when we compared its prices to prices at several competing retailers:

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Organic milk

Whole Foods had the lowest price on a gallon of organic milk compared to other stores we checked. Its 365 Everyday Value brand was at least $1 cheaper in most cases – and nearly $3 cheaper than Walmart.

Organic carrots

A 1-pound bag of organic peeled carrots sold for 20 cents to 30 cents less at Whole Foods. The exception was Trader Joe’s, which had the same price of $1.69 for a 1-pound bag.


Olive oil

At $6.49, a 33.8-ounce bottle of Whole Foods 365 brand olive oil was several dollars less than the same-size bottles of olive oil at all of the other stores we checked except Trader Joe’s, which had the same price.

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